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We will pay 1% of the contract amount for any referrals leading to paid, completed contracts or new wholesale orders. This means that if you refer us to a lead for which we sign a contract for $50,000, you will receive $500 from us as compensation for that lead.


  • It must be a new lead, one we are not currently pursuing or planning to pursue.
  • You must give us enough information to be able to make contact with the lead.
  • If you submit a lead that we are already aware of, we will e-mail you and inform you that the lead is not eligible for the referral payment.

Please be aware that the time between finding a lead and completion and payment of the contract can be lengthy. It is not unusual for this process to take up to a year.

So are you ready to earn some money? Call us at 1-800-259-1842 or e-mail us the information through our contact us page.


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