From: A Randolph []
Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 4:15 PM
Subject: for Dennis Roberts
Mr. Roberts, It was an honor to have you and your wife with us Sunday morning, especially having to stay through the whole morning. You did a great job of presenting the windows and sharing the richness of their meaning. I cannot imagine having such a work done and not having the artist describe it. You made the occasion what we hoped it would be.There were probably three times the number attending that I had expected, and the families being honored were made to feel very special. I know the stories behind each of those memorial gifts, and there was MUCH MORE than finances involved. There were family situations, and a point of healing for several of them. Your being here made their gift hold even greater significance.
       I so regretted not getting to personally tell you so at the end of service. I was engaged with a number of folk and could not get to you. Thank you for the great design, and the extra effort to meet our needs and schedule. You are appreciated, and we have an enduring gift to enjoy until Jesus comes. Blessings, Allen Randolph

Trinity Church
 San Antonio, TX