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How fast can I get the stained glass windows?
It is a good idea to think about your stained glass early in your building
program. One of the advantages is that you can have your design determine
the mullion breakup of the frame rather than have to accommodate the mullion
breakup when working with the design. An example is the typical round
window with two mullions breaking up the window into four pie shaped pieces.
If you decided that you wanted a figure in this window that might be more of
a problem. At that point it would be more advantageous to have one
horizontal mullion. The general time frame we give is 120-180 days. This
allows plenty of time for design consultation, glass selection and order if
necessary, fabrication and installation.

How much does a stained glass window cost?

The deciding cost factors are as follows: Intricacy of design, type of
glass (machine made rolled glass, antique mouth blown glass or some other
specialty glass), and in some instances installation considerations such as
specialty scaffolding or lifts. We at IHS Studios like to get a budget
amount from the client and develop a design within that budget amount if

Is faceted glass cheaper than traditional stained or leaded glass?
No, for a studio set up to do both faceted and stained or leaded glass, such
as IHS Studios. In faceted glass applications the materials (epoxy and
glass) are more costly and in leaded glass the labor or glazing process is a
cost factor. Hand painted stained glass is the most costly process.

What is the difference between faceted and stained glass?
Faceted or Dalle de Verre glass is a one inch thick glass put together in an
epoxy matrix. It weighs approximately thirteen pounds per square foot and
is a more contemporary and mosaic application. It also works especially
well in situations where the restriction of light is a factor. When the
edges are faceted (chipped with a hammer) the glass gives a sparkling
effect. Leaded glass is glazed (lead or zinc came is soldered together) and
consist of pieces of colored glass cut in pieces to form the design of the
window. Stained (hand painted) glass consist of pieces of colored that have
been painted with a lead based paint and heated in a kiln for several hours
at approximately 1100 degrees fahrenheit This paint becomes a permanent
part of the glass when fired in the kiln properly. There are several styles
of hand painting including traditional old world, contemporary or linear
style and Bizentene. IHS is a full service studio offering a mixture of
styles stemming from a staff of artists skilled in a variety of techniques.

Should we put shielding on our art glass windows?
IHS Studios recommends 1/4" plate glass shielding for stained or leaded
glass. You may also use lexian or plexiglas, however, after approximately
fifteen years you may some hazing or yellowing. IHS does not recommend
shielding on faceted or Dalle de Verre glass. The heat buildup is
detrimental to the epoxy matrix and can cause separation from the glass and
epoxy. If there is sufficient area between the shielding and actual glass to
create air flow, the heat buildup may not be a factor.

Can we see some artwork prior to signing an official contract?
Yes that is possible, however, you must remember that we have many clients
under contract that are waiting for artwork. We will concentrate on this
artwork and do any speculative artwork when time allows. Sometimes there are
many hours that go into developing artwork and while we do not charge for
this service in a situation where the client is deciding which studio to
contract, it is a costly process for any studio.

How do we get started?
Our office staff will execute a proposal and upon receipt of that signed
proposal our artist will begin artwork consultation (if it has not already
occurred) and proceed with artwork. The actual fabrication of the windows
will depend on how soon the framed window openings can be measured and your
construction schedule. Glass acquisition will begin as soon as the artwork
is signed and approved. Installation will depend on your particular
construction schedule. In the case of an existing facility, the process can
move faster.

Enjoy our Glass Art and Mixed Media Gallery!
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