March 11, 2002

Chaplains design window for Pentagon
___WASHINGTON (RNS)--Working with a Texas art studio, hundreds of Army chaplains jointly crafted a stained glass
window March 5 in memory of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon.
___About 400 chaplains and chaplain assistants, meeting for a training seminar at Hilton Head, S.C., were able to help create the pentagon-shaped window that features an American bald eagle, the U.S. flag, a picture of the Pentagon building and the date of the attack.
___The words "United in Memory" appear in the amber glass at the top of the window, and 184 crimson pieces circling the design symbolize the military and civilian personnel who died at the site.
___"Throughout history, art has served as the public expression of humankind's deepest emotion, thoughts and faith," said Chaplain Gaylord Gunhus, chief of chaplains for the U.S. Army. "Through creating this stained-glass window, we will express our faith as well as honor those we remember who were taken from us."
___Chaplain Eric Wester, spokesman for the Army chief of chaplains' office, said the window will be offered by Gunhus for use in a memorial chapel that is being designed for the Pentagon to commemorate victims of the attack.
___The window was designed by Dennis Roberts, owner of IHS Studios, an architectural art glass studio in Fredericksburg.
___"There's actually around 500 individual pieces of glass, and they're all numbered, and those numbers correspond to a pattern," he said.
___After the chaplains placed the individual pieces in their proper places, Roberts completed the window panel.

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